what are the career options in animation/multimedia?

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Published: 03rd August 2012
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Multimedia & Animation is one of the fastest growing and high paying career options today. The demand for animators has increased greatly due to fast-paced developments in sectors like high-tech digital media and 3D animation. A university degree in Multimedia & Animation backed by Arenas expertise and experience of 13 years in disseminating quality training across 15 countries makes it a power-packed combination which will enhance the employ ability of the students manifold and open up a world of opportunities for them in this sphere.

India has tremendous opportunity to be an animation outsourced country. This degree program in Multimedia & Animation has been launched thoughtfully and in time by Daac Institute. With this PU, students will have an opportunity to take up a degree in this field and attain the desired level of proficiency to face the competitive global market. Animation in India is an emerging sector with a lot of income potential. A creative and skilled animator can grab high-paying jobs in film and entertainment, and video gaming sector. You can become an animator by undergoing exhaustive training in 2D or 3D animation. Professional diploma courses are also available in animation and multimedia to further your studies.

Animation Industry is once again on its historical growth trend. It is undergoing significant changes which are reshaping the industry demands and supply. It is growing and expanding in new ways and directions. Industry growth continues to be driven by the new, smaller, computer animation production companies that are still starting up - taking advantage of the very low industry entry level financial threshold as hardware and software prices ease downward. It is expanding rapidly with many new production facilities based in Asia and Pacific Rim countries. India has the world's largest entertainment industry, a robust software industry and also skilled manpower, all essential ingredients for the growth of Animation industry.

Now-a-days Career in Animation has turned into a high paying career and is also likely to go with the payout packages of software experts. Earlier, we used to watch the boring Bollywood movies, then there were 3D movies in India, and now there are a lot of animated movies as well as TV shows in the country. This clearly shows how much potential a Career Options in Animation has! So whether you are a 10+2 or a graduate, you can still join any of the available animation schools in India to get the best of training on how to make animation films in India as well as how to make animated TV show in the country and make it a huge success!

Now is the time for all of the youth in the county to bend towards creativity as well as animation to make a wonderful Career in Animation.

Multimedia & Animation Career, now days, is proving to be a highly paid profession which is matching the pays of the senior doctors and engineers! And the recent survey also show that with the advent of new cartoon channels on T as well as mergers of Indian and foreign media channels also to make and produce the best animated films in the country as well as for global audiences has now given the country a most required platform to show case its hidden talent.

Due to the growing demand and scope of multimedia, there are many flash animation training institutes proliferating. You need to find out the training program and whether the course is certified or not. Find out with the teaching faculty and the doctorate level that they have obtained. Check out the placement facility and the companies visiting for recruitment of young aspirants. All these are the main points to look for while selecting a training institute.

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